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Do you know the Anti-Corrosion Treatment of Ductile Iron Pipe?

Sep. 15, 2020

As a Ductile Iron Pipe Manufacturers, share with you. Nodular cast iron pipe refers to a pipe made by high-speed centrifugal casting by a centrifugal nodular cast iron machine after adding a spheroidizing agent to cast molten iron above No. 18, referred to as nodular pipe, nodular iron pipe and nodular cast pipe, etc. It is mainly used for the transportation of tap water and is an ideal material for tap water pipelines.

Cast Iron Drain Pipe

Cast Iron Drain Pipe

The essence of cast iron steel pipe is ductile iron pipe. Because ductile iron pipe has the essence of iron and the performance of steel, it is called this way. Graphite in ductile iron pipes exists in spherical form, and the size of graphite is generally 6-7. In terms of quality, the spheroidization grade of the cast iron pipe is controlled to be 1-3, and the spheroidization rate is ≥80%, so the mechanical properties of the material itself have been better improved, with the essence of iron and the properties of steel. The annealed ductile iron pipe has a metallographic structure of ferrite plus a small amount of pearlite and good mechanical properties, so it is also called Ductile Iron Pipe.

Anti-corrosion treatment

1. Asphalt paint coating

Asphalt paint coating is used to transport gas pipelines. Preheating the pipe before painting can improve the adhesion of the asphalt paint and accelerate the drying.

2. Cement mortar lining + special coating

This kind of internal anti-corrosion measures is suitable for pipelines conveying sewage and can improve the corrosion resistance of the inner lining.

3. Epoxy coal pitch coating

The epoxy coal tar pitch coating is suitable for both gas pipelines and sewage pipelines. It is a two-component coating that has high adhesion and a very smooth surface

4. Epoxy ceramic lining

Epoxy ceramic lining is suitable for sewage pipelines and gas pipelines, but due to the difficult manufacturing process and high cost, it has certain limitations in use. Epoxy ceramic lining has high adhesion and smoothness, and is a good anti-corrosion coating.

5. Aluminate cement coating or sulfate cement coating

Both of these special cement coatings are suitable for the internal anti-corrosion of ductile iron pipes used in sewage pipelines to improve the corrosion resistance of the acid and alkali components in the sewage.

6. Polyurethane coating

It is a new type of green special coating developed to meet the needs of environmental protection. It has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

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