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What is the Casting Method of Cast Iron Pipe?

Oct. 26, 2020

As a Cast Iron Drain Pipe Manufacturer, share with you. Cast iron pipes are used for water supply, drainage and gas pipelines. It includes straight cast iron pipes and fittings. Low labor intensity. According to different casting methods, it is divided into continuous cast iron pipes and centrifugal cast iron pipes, among which centrifugal cast iron pipes are divided into sand molds and metal molds. According to different materials, it is divided into gray cast iron pipe and ductile iron pipe.

Cast Iron Drain Pipe

Cast Iron Drain Pipe

According to the different interface forms, it is divided into flexible interface, flange interface, self-anchored interface, rigid interface and so on. Among them, the flexible cast iron pipe is sealed with a rubber ring. The cast iron pipe of the flange interface is fixed with a flange, and the inner gasket is sealed with a rubber flange gasket. Rigid joints usually have larger sockets, and straight pipes are inserted and sealed with cement. Basically eliminated.

according to its manufacturing method can be divided into: sand centrifugal socket type straight pipe, continuous cast iron straight pipe and sand iron pipe. According to the different materials used, it can be divided into: gray iron pipes, ductile iron pipes and high silicon iron pipes, and water supply cast iron pipes: the cast iron pipes used for water supply cast iron exceed No. 18. After adding the nodulation agent, centrifugal casting is performed by a centrifugal ductile iron machine.

ductile iron pipe has the properties of steel, has excellent corrosion resistance, ductility and sealing, good effect, simple installation, mainly used for municipal, industrial and industrial water supply, gas, oil, etc. Mining companies. It is the first choice for water supply pipes and has a high cost performance.

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