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Ductile Iron Manhole Cover Performance and Features

Nov. 25, 2020

As a Casting Iron Manhole Covers And Frame Supplier, share with you.

1.Anti-vibration: A T-shaped synthetic rubber strip is inserted into the U-shaped groove by setting a U-shaped groove at the stop of the well ring to cushion the vibration force during the contact between the cover and the well ring.

2.Anti-noise: The contact and occlusal surface of the manhole cover and manhole ring is directly applied to the T-rubber strip to eliminate noise by being soft and rigid.

3.Theft deterrent: On the outer ring of the cover, one side of the groove is protruding, and the open ring at the inner end of the cover is connected to the cover by the shaft fixed in the well seat, and the other end is fixed by a pin at the inner wall. The secret lock is made of nylon bushings, which will never rust, and has a special tool to open, so it is safe and reliable.

4. Anti-slip: The surface of the cover is raised with a 3mm pattern, which plays a good anti-slip role.

5. Anti-breakage: This is a feature of ductile iron manhole covers, which can withstand 36T/60T for heavy-duty covers and 21T for light-duty covers, and even when the load pressure exceeds its limit, the ductile iron cover does not crumble like ordinary cast iron covers, but is slightly deformed, providing some safety for vehicles and pedestrians.

Casting Iron Manhole Covers And Frame Supplier

Manhole covers have to be reliable, efficient and ergonomic to best serve the transport operator's needs. Beisai's Ductile Cast Iron manhole covers have become benchmark products because they satisfy the criteria of location and exposure to traffic, addressing operators' main concerns of the frequency of site visits and efficiency of network operations.

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