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How to Remove Cast Iron Manhole Covers?

May. 27, 2021

People often underestimate the weight of the manhole. It will rattle when we drive past it, so it should be easy to move and lift, right? Incorrect. Manholes are usually made of cast iron and are very heavy. If proper precautions are not taken, incorrectly removing one can be very dangerous to the back and spine. As a Cast Iron Manhole Covers Manufacturer, share with you.

Cast Iron Manhole Covers

Cast Iron Manhole Covers

How to remove the manhole cover?

Manhole hook

Using a manhole cover hook to remove the manhole cover is probably the most practical method, because you are using a tool specifically designed for this purpose. Manhole cover hooks can be used in home decoration stores such as Home Depot or Lowe's. Manhole cover hooks, also called manhole keys, come in various sizes and styles. Make sure that the manhole cover you want to remove has the correct hook type. Using the wrong hook will make you at a loss.

After obtaining the correct manhole cover hook or key, please make sure that there is no dust, debris or mud in the area around the manhole cover. These dirt, debris or mud will bind the manhole cover to the hole itself and make it difficult to remove it.

After clearing the boundary, hook the manhole key into the manhole cover, straddle the manhole cover, straighten your back, and bend your knees. This is very important: when you lift with your back instead of your legs, a back injury may occur.

Other tools

Although it is strongly recommended to use the manhole cover key to move and remove the manhole cover, there are other ways to accomplish this task. However, please be cautious when using auxiliary tools to remove the manhole cover. These auxiliary tools are not specifically designed to utilize the weight of the manhole cover. If you finally plan to lift the cover by hand, you can use a crowbar to pry open the manhole cover, but you cannot use it to lift your own manhole cover. If you plan to lift the manhole cover by hand, make sure to wear heavy-duty gloves to prevent scratches, cuts, and rough sides of the manhole cover.

A screwdriver can also be used as a sharpening tool to help loosen the manhole cover from the manhole cover, but it should not be used to lift the manhole cover.

Can the manhole cover fall into the hole?

A common concern when lifting a manhole cover is that the manhole cover will slip out of the handle and roll into the hole. However, this is impossible: the manhole cover cannot fall into the manhole because the hole and the cover are both circular. Under the manhole cover is a small lip whose circumference is smaller than that of the manhole cover. Even if the side of the manhole cover rotates, it will not slide by itself.

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