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Do you know the Performance Cast Iron Drain Pipe ?

Oct. 10, 2020

As a Cast Iron Drain Pipe Supplier, share it with you.

Performance parameter

Compared with other metal pipes and plastic pipes, cast iron drainage pipes have some unique advantages, which are mainly reflected in the aspects of high strength, low noise, long life, flame retardant and fireproof, flexible earthquake resistance, no secondary pollution, and renewable recycling.

Cast Iron Drain Pipe

Cast Iron Drain Pipe

1. Low noise, high strength, long life

The water flow of the drain pipe is in a state of non-filling and gravity flow, and friction, shock, and vibration are inevitable.

The graphite in cast iron buffers vibration energy, prevents the transmission of vibration energy between crystal grains, and converts vibration energy into heat energy. Therefore, cast iron pipes have good vibration and noise reduction properties. The test data shows that when the flow rate of the DN100 pipeline is 2.7L/s, the noise value of the cast iron pipe is 46.5dB, and the noise value of the U-PVC pipe is 58dB. Therefore, it is required for quiet residential buildings, schools, hospitals, conference venues, hotels, etc. , Cast iron drainage pipe should be used.

The tensile and bending strength of cast iron is 4 times that of the commonly used plastic pipe PVC.

The matrix structure of cast iron has small potential difference, small electrochemical effect, and high silicon content. It can form a continuous SIO2 protective film on the surface, so its corrosion resistance is much higher than that of steel. In the same environment and medium, the resistance of cast iron is Rustiness is more than 3 times that of steel.

The excellent corrosion resistance and strength characteristics of cast iron drainage pipes make the service life much longer than steel pipes and plastic pipes.

2. Flexible seismic resistance

The linear expansion coefficient of cast iron is relatively low, so the amount of expansion and contraction caused by the environmental temperature is small. At the same time, the flexible interface structure of the cast iron drainage pipe makes it have high resistance to expansion, flexural deformation and earthquake resistance, and the system is axially deformed 35mm, no leakage at the interface within 31.5mm of lateral vibration and deflection value.

3. High temperature resistance, flame retardant and fireproof

The drainage pipe has the characteristics of penetrating and connecting each floor and room. In the event of a fire, if the drainage pipe is easy to melt and has poor flame retardancy, it will melt and burst quickly to form a smoke stove effect. The fire-retardant and high melting point of cast iron pipe is that it has good fire-retardant properties.

4. No secondary pollution, renewable recycling

The cast iron material itself does not contain chemical toxins, and will not cause secondary pollution to pollution and wastewater. When the building or drainage pipeline is dismantled, the cast iron drainage pipe can be 100% recycled and recycled.

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