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What are the 3 Simple Tips for Replacing Cast Iron Manhole Covers and Frames?

Jan. 29, 2021

Cast iron manhole covers often lead to underground drainage systems so that these systems can be properly maintained. If you have property in your house, it is important to ensure that the property is safely kept. Cast iron manhole covers are very durable and can be used for about fifty years. However, even sturdy housings need to be replaced. Like any other utility, they may be damaged by extreme weather conditions, or simply by wear and tear. Of course, replacing the cast iron manhole cover can be a laborious process. The following Cast Iron Manhole Covers Supplier will tell you 3 simple techniques for replacing cast iron manhole covers and frames.

Cast Iron Manhole Covers

Cast Iron Manhole Covers

1. Before buying a new cover, be sure to measure your cast iron manhole cover

Cast iron manhole covers need to be fully fitted. Even if you already know the dimensions of the property’s cast iron manhole cover, you should check these dimensions carefully. Before you start buying a new manhole cover and frame, please understand the size of the cast iron manhole cover, which means that you are unlikely to buy a manhole cover of the incorrect size by mistake. The correct way to measure cast iron manhole covers is to remove the cover and measure the opening-from inside the frame to inside the frame.

2. Do not move the cast iron manhole cover by yourself

Metal manhole covers are usually heavy. Their weight helps hold them in place and ensures that they cannot be stolen or accidentally fall off. Unfortunately, handling such heavy objects can be risky. When removing the current cast iron manhole cover, make sure you get the assistance of others. This will make the lid easier to move and reduce the risk of injury. The same precautions should be taken when placing a new cover.

3. Don't use the old manhole cover frame

When replacing the cast iron manhole cover, the derrick into which it is inserted should also be replaced. The cast iron manhole cover frame wears like the cover itself. Therefore, it is wise to replace them at the same time. In addition, the new cover may not fit correctly into the old frame.

At the drainage station, we provide a variety of cast iron manhole covers and derricks. If you need to replace the shell, please take us as your first call. By purchasing cast iron manhole covers for drainage stations and following the recommendations we provide in today’s blog post, you can ensure proper protection of manholes in your property.

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